Issue n. 8 (2021)

Federico Salvaggio – [Introduzione/Introduction] More than Just Borrowings: the Cultural and Symbolic Significance of Loanwords


GIUSEPPE CECERE – Across the Mediterranean and Beyond: Notes on mamlūk Wanderings in European Dictionaries

Keywords: Philology and Linguistic Anthropology; Cross-cultural language exchange; mamlūk-based loanwords in European languages; Cultural implications of etymological and paretymological processes.

ROBERTO DAPIT – Vicende di alcuni turchismi della gastronomia nella lingua slovena

English title: Vicissitude of some gastronomy’s Turcisms in the Slovenian language

Keywords: Food culture, Slovenian, Turcisms, semantic degradation, alterity

HILAL OYTUN ALTUN – So-called Italianisms and their Etymological Status in Modern Standard Turkish Dictionaries

Keywords: Italianisms, Modern Standard Turkish, lexicography, etymology.

MATTHIAS KAPPLER, STEFANO PELLÒ – “Parlare l’inglese φαρσί”: il persiano come criterio di language proficiency? 

English title: Speaking φαρσί-English”: the Persian as the criterion of Language Proficiency?

Keywords: Farsi, Neo-Greek, Ottoman Turkish, lexicography, Persian, Balkan, language proficiency, glottonyms

FRANCESCO GRANDE – La coppia terminologica Adnān e Qaḥṭān dal Medio Oriente ad al-Andalus nelle fonti lessicografiche

English title: The Terminological Couple Adnān and Qaḥṭān from the Middle East to Al-Andalus in Lexicographic Sources

Keywords: ‘Adnān, Qaḥṭān, al-Andalus, lexicography, etymology


FRANCESCA GORGONI – [Recensione/Review] Mauro Zonta, “Saggio di lessicografia filosofica araba” (Paideia Editrice 2014)

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